Embedded Wizard is a comfortable and
flexible GUI development tool
for embedded systems

Embedded Wizard - GUI Tool

Embedded Wizard is a development and prototyping tool for graphical user interfaces, optimized for embedded platforms. Its advanced and user-friendly IDE facilitates the creation and arrangement of graphics and the development of menu logic and behaviour.

Embedded Wizard is used by manufacturers of Consumer Electronic products, like HDTV sets, Set-top boxes or DVD(R)s, as well as portable and automotive devices, industrial and home appliances.

The specialised Embedded Wizard products website makes all tool-related information easily available in one place.


Embedded Wizard multiple devices

Best results – no matter which kind of device you’re targeting

Embedded Wizard’s unique architecture guarantees you the ideal outcome for your platform and delivers best results for any screen, be it a monochrome, a 16-bit color VGA or even a high-res retina display.

Embedded Wizard performant code

Embedded Wizard generates the most performant code for any platform

Embedded Wizard carries out the most performant varieties of codes as it combines the whole architecture of drawing, compositioning and connecting to the underlying graphic drivers. This is due to the characteristic of Embedded Wizard being an full-featured Integrated Developer Environment and hence combining the whole process of implementing graphical user interfaces in it.

Embedded Wizard multiple platforms support

One project – supporting multiple platforms

Embedded Wizard’s platform independent programming language Chora and the strict usage of an abstraction layer ensures that your application – built with Embedded Wizard for one specific project – is automatically applicable for any other platform, too. As your application thus isn’t tied to just one platform, it perfectly suits for a multiplatform usage of any subsequent project.

Embedded Wizard low footprint

Extremely low footprint

Embedded Wizard’s architecture ensures the outcome of very efficient code. This in turn keeps, in combination with the use of a very slim runtime environment and graphics engine, the RAM and ROM footprint as low as possible.

WebGL Logo

WebGL Support

Due to Embedded Wizard's architecture a new JavaScript code generator and a dedicated WebGL platform package are available. With that you can even create UIs either natively (i.e. based on ANSI C) or based on WebGL/JavaScript with the same code base. WebGL/JavaScript applications can then be run in any WebGL capable browser. Of course those UIs can be integrated into other web applications seamlessly and the overall development work-flow can be reduced significantly: There's no need to compile source code for the desired target any more - simply reloading the newly generated web page will be sufficient. With that solution even remote UIs can be deployed in an easy way.

OpenGL ES 2.0 Logo

Lightweight 3D

EmWi's Lightweight 3D functions enable sophisticated UI designs with 3D-like appearance and compelling effects: optimised for dedicated embedded platforms, including 3D hardware graphics acceleration, and integrated into the familiar EmWi workflow. Lightweight 3D functionality is available as part of Graphics Engine (GE) 2.0 for dedicated platforms, e.g. based on OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, DirectFB and e.g. running on Embedded Linux, Android, Apple iOS and others.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

Platforms: ALi M3329, M3602. Atmel SAM9G45, SAMA5D36. Broadcom BCM 7231, 7342, 7346, 7405, 7413, 7440, 7601, 3556, Xilleon 2xx. Cirrus Logic EP9307. Distec Artista (Win32). Freescale iMX. Fujitsu SmartMPEG, MB86H61. IBM PowerPC. Renesas EMMA2, RX63N, RZ/A1H. NXP LPC3250, TV810, TV520, STB225, CX2425x (Conexant). Samsung S5H2110. Sanyo LC74171. Sigma Fusion, SMP8653, SMP8655. STM Freeman, STi5514, STi510x, STi710x, Douglas, Chaplin (Genesis), STM32F103ZET6. TI AM3354. Toshiba TC90400, TMPA900/910. Trident QX. Ubicom IP5K. Zoran SupraTV, SupraHD, Vaddis.

OS: Embedded Linux, Android, Apple iOS, EUROS RTOS, KEIL RTOS, Nucleus, pSOS, VxWorks, Win32, WindowsCE™ and proprietary operating systems. Embedded Wizard can also be deployed without OS/RTOS.

You can download a Free Trial Version of Embedded Wizard V6.51 here:

A first Glance at Embedded Wizard

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