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The Story Behind It

TARA Systems selected the peacock butterfly for its logo to establish a relationship to colourful graphical displays and the process of metamorphosis and development, which enhances the butterfly as well as every creative mind. The butterfly in our logo is drawn by hand, an early sketch is shown here.

Following their re-emergence in early spring, the mature peacock butterflies feed on flowering sallows, dandelions, wild marjoram, danewort and clover fields. The butterflies survival can be contributed to its ability to adapt to the deterioration of its food supply, moving to different forms of vegetation as needed. The life span of peacock butterflies is almost a year, beginning with the emergence from the egg in early summer to reproductive maturity proceeded by death in late spring. In mid-summer the butterflies utilise the daytime for flight. During the winter, they hibernate in hollow trees and other hiding places. These butterflies, accustomed to the more temperate regions of Eurasia, primarily inhabit woods, fields and meadows. In the garden and park areas, the peacock butterfly is the most common butterfly found.

The adult members of the species are light brown on the dorsal surface and dark brown on the ventral with purplish-black lines for camouflage. The females are somewhat larger than the males. They both have prominent eyespots which give the species its common name. These eyespots are used to deter predators from the butterfly’s vulnerable body.

TARASystems_Butterfly_mitSchrift_neuer Schatten
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The following Zip-File contains the full TARA Systems Logo with butterfly, as well as the logo version with characters only, both as JPEG and EPS. Please note, that the logo must not be used in any publication without the permission of TARA Systems.

TARASystems_Logo (ZIP file)

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