Blaupunkt TP 700 - Portable Navigation with Digital TV

Product Description

Manufacturer: Blaupunkt
Product Name:
TP 700 ("Travel Pilot" Series)
Markets: Europe

This very innovative portable navigation device enables camera based video navigation and detection of traffic signs. Besides the navigation part, it integrates DVB-T reception, to provide digital TV access anywhere in Europe.

The Blaupunkt TP 700: DVB-T main screen and EPG long information, completely realized with TARAs mobile DVB-T turnkey application. (Images: Blaupunkt / TARA)

TARA Components

To realize the DVB-T functionality within this product, Blaupunkt deployed TARA's mobile DVB-T turnkey solution. It is based on TARA's market proven and flexible component approach, and includes a full graphical user interface application incl. Service Lists, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Teletext. In this highly integrated product, all software tasks incl. MPEG decoding are performed by the SirF Titan chipset.

  • Embedded Wizard GUI technology: for development of the Graphical User Interface application, optimized for small touch screen displays. Including Zapper Box, Service (Channel) lists, EPG listings and more.
  • Inaris DVB Middleware for Free-to-Air DVB-T reception, for management of service scan, storage and selection, and for interaction with further service components, such as EPG, Teletext and Subtitle decoder.
  • Teletext Decoder
  • DVB Subtitle Decoder

Remark: The decoding of the digital MPEG video stream is done by a third party software MPEG decoder.

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