DiVi Software Tools

The 'pocket knife' for analysis and generation of program and service information (PSI/SI), Teletext and DVB Subtitles.

The DiVi Software Tools allowing the analysis and modification of program and service information (PSI/SI) inside DVB transport streams (TS). They were designed especially to gain access to each parameter within service information tables and similar data, which are required by DVB receivers, TV sets and Set-top boxes, e.g. to perform channel scans, to display electronic programme guides, and more. They enable developers to establish systematic, reproducible test case collections for debugging, verification and quality assurance.

PSI & SI Analysis

The DiVi Software Tools are able to extract programme and service information (PSI/SI) from recorded transport streams into human-readable XML files. Thus, all kinds of SI tables and descriptors can be inspected. With its Unicode support, the tools are also suited for analysis of service information in international languages.

Example XML file excerpt with Chinese characters in UTF-16

DVB Transport Stream Generation

The previously generated XML files with SI data, Teletext data or DVB Subtitle data are converted into transport streams again, which are ready for broadcasting. Additionally, audio and video streams can be added to a new transport stream, but since audio/video is not the main focus of the DiVi Software Tools, there are a few of limitations.

Generated TS files are ready to be broadcast into the DVB receiver under test. This can be done via any PC card with digital video output or via TARA's DiVi Playout Hardware (separate product), which is suited for stand-alone usage.



  • Analyze, modify and generate DVB-SI data using human-readable XML files
  • Supported tables: PAT, PMT, SDT, EIT, TDT, TOT, NIT, BAT, AIT, RCT
  • Comfortable TS-Builder GUI application
  • Supports batch file for integration in automated test systems
  • Used XML files provide full detailed documentation of generated test data
  • Specific tests e.g. for HbbTV, EPG, Teletext, DVB Subtitle
  • Unicode support for all string data
  • Different DVB-SI string encodings supported (including DTG Huffman encoding)
  • Test with dynamic data content, e.g. added/removed services
  • Test of receiver stability with non-standard/erroneous data


  • Generation of AIT for HbbTV application signaling
  • Support for DSM-CC object carousel signaling in PMT
  • Generation of DSM-CC object carousels compliant with the ETSI EN 102 809 and ISO/IEC 13818-6
  • Support for DSM-CC Stream Events

DVB Subtitle / Teletext

  • Generation of DVB (HD) Subtitles compliant with the ETSI EN 300 743 V1.3.1
  • Generation of Teletext, VPS, WSS, CC, test data collection available as starting point

Freeview HD / Freeview+ HD

  • Testing of Freeview receiver and recorder products for Freeview certification
  • Support for all relevant D-Book 6.1 tables and service information
  • Support string encoding using BBC's Huffman tables in DVB-T2 (Freeview HD)


  • Verification of  HD+ features (e.g. Astra LCN)


  • Software Multiplexing of transport stream files
  • Support for multiplexing of audio, video and data elementary streams
  • Multiplex HbbTV, Teletext, DVB subtitle streams
  • Generation of standard transport stream files applicable with any DVB playout system


  • Benefit from the long-term DVB experience available at TARA Systems
  • Our team can support you with the generation of your own DVB test data also with complex subjects like DSM-CC object carousels

DiVi Software Tools TS-Builder GUI


DiVi Software Tools Diagram

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  • Price List : DiVi Tools for Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)
  • DiVi DVB Playout System: Mini PC with broadcasting card for playout of DVB transport streams.

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