Inaris DSM-CC Receiver

Interactive TV applications are getting more and more important. The European standard HbbTV (Hybrid Broadband Broadcast TV), but also many other standards like HD+ SmartTV, MHP, DBook, ATSC, and GINGA in Brazil, use DSM-CC object carousels to receive application data from the broadcast streams.

The implementation of reliable DSM-CC software is quite complex, requires expert knowledge and is often underestimated. To speed up the software development for interactive TVs and STBs, TARA presents the Inaris DSM-CC Receiver as a completely independent implementation of the DSM-CC object carousel standard. It is fully compatible with HbbTV and HD+ SmartTV requirements. The DSM-CC receiver was designed as a robust and reliable stand-alone component for integration into customers' TV/STB middleware. It is also used in TARA's own HbbTV Solution, a browser-agnostic and middleware-independent solution for HbbTV in TV sets and STBs.

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  • Multiple DSM-CC Receiver instances can be used simultaneously.
  • Multiple object carousels can be received at the same time.
  • Thread-safe implementation.
  • Support of stream events as required by HbbTV.
  • Sophisticated cache management enables fast access to DSM-CC objects.
  • If a hard-disk is available, all DSM-CC objects can alternatively be cached using files.
  • Application interface based on the well-known JAVA classes, defined in the org.dvb.dsmcc package, with HbbTV specific extensions.
  • Diagnostic faicilities (more than 700 different, configurable log messages) to ease debugging.
  • High software quality ensured by extensive unit testing.
  • Plattform and operating system abstraction allow high portability.

Supported Standards

  • ISO/IEC 13818-6 (DSM-CC)
  • ETSI EN 301 192 (DVB specification for data broadcasting)
  • ETSI TR 101 202 (Implementation guidelines for data broadcasting)
  • ETSI TS 102 809 (Signalling and carriage of interactive applications and services in Hybrid broadcast/broadband environments)
  • ETSI TS 102 796 (HbbTV)
  • SES Platform Services, Consumer Electronics, AS-10201, Guideline for DSM-CC implementation (HD+ SmartTV)

Further Information

For all its solutions, TARA offers detailed technical documentation, APIs, integration examples and roadmaps. View the handout or contact us for further information.

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