Within the 25 years of developing embedded GUIs we have successfully overcome any challenge you can imagine. We want to provide you with our knowledge to make your GUI development faster and to meet your customers expectations by making it useful, beautiful and durable.


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Embedded Wizard Studio

The best environment for creating graphical user interfaces optimized for your embedded software development process.

Highly integrated development environment

Visual programming approach

Rapid prototyping and debugging

Optimized for your embedded target

Platform independent

Operating System agnostic

Embedded Wizard Services

The people behind Embedded Wizard Services are highly experienced UI developers using Embedded Wizard Studio for many years in various projects. We will support you through your whole development cycle according to your need:





Our mission

is to deliver HMIs optimized for your target platform - HMIs that meet your expectations for high quality, perfectly integrated multimodal input and output devices, and which can be easily maintained over multiple variants and even multiple life cycles of your product.

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Manuel Melic
- Embedded Wizard Product Manager -
+49 89 7471210
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