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The well-known Geditor has been provided by TARA for several years for testing in the analogue TV environment. The Geditor hardware is a Teletext generator producing a CVBS signal that contains Teletext, VPS and WSS data within the vertical blanking interval (VBI). In addition, the Geditor+ hardware can insert Teletext, VPS and WSS data in an existing CVBS signal. Both tools are used by CE-manufacturers and TV broadcasters in laboratories and factories. Additionally, the Geditor Software is used for TV data line generation, including transmission of data packets directly from the PC to the Geditor via printer port. It supports Teletext, EPG, VPS, WSS525, WSS625 lines and Closed Caption data.

The successors of Geditor in the digital TV (DVB) are the DiVi Software Tools.



Geditor/Geditor+ hardware:

  • Stand alone EPROM operation with 128 kByte or 512 kByte.
  • Real time processing of data for up to 18 lines/field within the VBI.
  • Full-channel-mode (Teletext data in every CVBS line, except equalising pulses) on request (only with EPROM).
  • PAL/SECAM and NTSC version.
  • Additionally the Geditor+ is a broadcast quality inserter with test and trigger signals on the probe connector.

Geditor software for Windows NT, 2000, XP:

  • Edit functions with mark, copy, delete and more.
  • Support of all TTX packets from 00 to 31.
  • Parity, hamming and three byte hamming check functions with selective switch-off for all byte positions.
  • Low level edit for each bit position
  • High level edit with symbolic attributes for TTX row 00 ... 25- 29 (Level 2.5), packet 8/30 and more.
  • Comfortable set up of serial attributes.
  • VPS and WSS editing in bit and biphase level.
  • Binary output for EPROM generation.
  • Powerful filter functions for finding certain pages or packets.
  • Macros to automate recurring tasks.

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