Inaris HbbTV Solution

Our Inaris HbbTV Solution supports the HbbTV Standard 1.5 and 2.x and enhances existing DVB software solutions with full support for HbbTV applications, services, and portals. We provide our HbbTV Solution as an extension for our own Inaris Middleware or as a stand-alone component for third-party or customer-specific DVB middleware solutions.

Basic set of HbbTV functionality for TV devices and set-top boxes

Enhancement with HbbTV 2 like Companion Screen and Media Synchronisation

Research & Development

We constantly extend our HbbTV Solution to meet the requirements of the newest specifications. Read more about our latest developments on HbbTV.

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Why use Inaris HbbTV Solution?

Our HbbTV Solution evolved over several years. Its key features are:

HbbTV Standard Compliant

Our HbbTV Solution is fully compliant with the HbbTV standard versions 1.5 and 2.0.1.

Companion Aplications

We provide HbbTV 2 components for Android and iOS companion applications for testing and commercial purposes.

Easy integration

We provide our Inaris HbbTV SDK that runs out of the box. Clean interfaces are provided for the browser and middleware integration.

Browser independent

We provide a generic interface to the web browser. Integrations may be done with any CE-HTML compliant browser (e.g. Opera, customized WebKit).

Well tested

Our HbbTV Solution consists of software modules with extensive unit tests. Furthermore, we execute the latest version of the official HbbTV test suite fully automatically on a daily basis.

Multi-Process support

We support various multi-process architectures in our HbbTV Solution. Optionally, we also provide our own IPC mechanism within the HbbTV SDK.

Comprehensive documentation

All components of our HbbTV Solution are well documented in their source and header files. Reference manuals that describe the public API are also provided.

Inaris HbbTV SDK

Our Inaris HbbTV Solution comes with an Inaris HbbTV SDK which gives you a good start with the new software. This SDK consists of the following:

  • A sample runtime that initializes the software components of our HbbTV Solution and enters the main processing loop.
  • It runs without any DVB middleware and browser. Stubs are available for building.
  • Clean and well documented interfaces for browser and middleware integration are provided.
  • The web browser and middleware can be integrated step by step, having a running system at any time.
  • We provide an integration document that helps you to integrate our HbbTV SDK into your software environment.
  • Our HbbTV SDK includes the HbbTV 2.0 extension for Media Synchronisation and Companion Screen.

TARA Systems is an active member of the
HbbTV association


We participate in various standardization working groups. Besides general standardization work, TARA Systems contributed as a platform specialist to the new version of HbbTV 2.0 in the areas of DSM-CC and Media Synchronization. Currently we are taking part in the specification group for Operator Applications. In contrast to normal HbbTV applications which are provided by the broadcaster, an Operator Application is an application offered by a TV service provider (e.g. a network operator) that runs on a TV or a set-top box.


Since testing is an important aspect for successful products, TARA Systems is also participating in the HbbTV Testing Group. To enhance the coverage of the official HbbTV Test Suite, TARA contributed a comprehensive set of DSM-CC low level test cases to the current stable version V9.1. These test cases were built by TARA's DSM-CC Carousel Builder Tool and validate DSM-CC implementations in detail. Furthermore, TARA provided its expertise as an active reviewer of test assertions, procedures and implementations.

Contributing to Global Research Projects


TARA Systems participates in ANOPAS - a research project for applied optimisation of media streaming with MPEG-DASH and extends its MPEG-DASH client InarisDASH with features required by HbbTV 2.0. The project partners are Fraunhofer Fokus and Technische Universität Berlin.

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The research project GLOBAL ITV is an EU-Brazilian strategic partnership project, where TARA contributed. The goal of this project was the development of an interoperability scheme for the co-existence of multiple interactivity and Connected TV solutions on different Digital TV platforms. Therefore, TARA has added support for ISDB-Tb to its DVB / IPTV Middleware Inaris and HbbTV Solution.

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TARA Systems was a member of HBB-NEXT, an EU-funded initiative for future improvements of HbbTV - together with broadcasters, universities and manufacturers. Within this project, many extensions regarding multi-stream and multi-device support have been realized. The project was successfully completed in 2014.

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