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HbbTV on Android Oreo

HbbTV on Android Oreo

22 Mar 2018

We have now ported our Inaris HbbTV Solution using Chromium and the ExoPlayer to Android O.

Verimatrix Ultra Security for Android TV

Verimatrix Ultra Security for Android TV

21 Mar 2018

We integrated the Verimatrix ViewRight Ultra client with our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware for an Android TV device.

OIPF for Android

OIPF for Android

15 Feb 2018

OIPF - the standardized TV API used by HbbTV - can now also be used by Android Java applications to access our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware.

Inaris Middleware on Android Oreo

Inaris Middleware on Android Oreo

22 Jan 2018

Our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware is now ported and tested on Android O.

Products and Services

Inaris Middleware
on Android TV

DVB / IPTV for Android based Smart TV devices

We provide all the components and support you need to realize a TV experience on Android TV devices.

DVB / IPTV Middleware

Inaris is a modular middleware solution for DVB / IPTV reception, recording and streaming, including popular features like HbbTV, EPG, Teletext, Subtitling and UPnP.

Embedded Wizard

High-Performance Embedded GUIs

Embedded Wizard is a GUI technology that enables you to create platform-independent and high-performance GUIs, even on resource constrained microcontrollers.


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TARA Systems is a technology driven software company providing components and services for embedded systems in the field of consumer electronic, industrial, automotive and mobile devices. We focus on reliable solutions for digital TV reception as well as graphical user interface tools and developments. More than 25 years of experience in these domains enable us to offer our customers high quality innovative products.

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