Inaris Middleware on Hitron’s Headless Gateway Solution


Inaris Middleware running on Intel's Puma 6 based gateway extended by a newly developed client-server infrastructure

Gateways are usually running in a 24/7 mode and are always connected. They are the centre of your home network when it comes to route between dedicated networks. As they are equipped with multiple DVB tuners, multiple clients can receive data and play back streams from different channels and start recordings at the same time via Ethernet and WiFi. With an integrated or external HDD or SSD fast access to locally stored files is guaranteed.

This setting allows various use cases:

  • Follow me - allows to migrate TSTV (Time-Shifted TV) and video playback sessions between devices. If a user starts for example watching on-demand content on a tablet and after some time continues watching the show on a big screen
  • Watch Recordings everywhere in the home network via Mobile Devices
  • Second Screen scenarios like watching TV and get additional information to an event on the tablet
  • Streaming music to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Seamless change between DVB and IPTV sources
  • Remote PVR management - users control their in-house PVR from any device connected to the network


Our DVB / IPTV Middleware runs on Intel's Puma 6 based gateway extended by a newly developed client-server infrastructure:

  • A new WebSocket server handles the remote procedure calls initiated by the connected web browsers. It also ensures with the help of a publish-subscribe mechanism to push events from the gateway to the clients asynchronously.
  • A new Session Manager processes the parallel access to the DVB / IPTV resources. It is now possible to stream live TV content from the gateway to the browser via HTTP streaming.
  • In addition to that, server-side time-shifting and recording of TV services is supported. Third party application types (like picture viewer or music browser) are supported as well.
  • A further service provides the connected clients with adequate EPG metadata. These metadata are acquired from Gracenote's EPG web service and transformed into a document-oriented database (i.e. MongoDB). The stored EPG data is provided to the requesting clients using a node.js application as JSON documents.
  • On client side web applications, based on pure HTML5 techniques, have been realized by Intel and coeno. This allows the use of any HTML5 capable browser running on connected client devices - e.g. ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones or set-top boxes. For the UX design we also teamed up with the design agency coeno.


The Inaris Middleware, which is extended by the WebSocket server and Session Manager, is now running on Hitron's CGNV4 and was presented at ANGA COM, Cologne, May 20th till 22nd.

Watch Inaris running on Hitron's CGNV4 in the video below, which was made at IBC 2013 at Intel's booth.

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