Inaris SAT>IP app for Google Nexus Player

Inaris SAT>IP makes your Google Nexus Player a SAT>IP Client Live TV set-top box for free-to-air satellite television and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

SAT>IP "translates" TV signals from the satellite into a signal transferable via the home network, so that they can be received on devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones and TVs without satellite receivers. This means that you can use the IP Box Nexus Player to receive live TV with the best satellite quality.


  • Live TV reception for a selection of channels from the Astra satellite signal, even in HD
  • Live TV reception for unencrypted channels on T-Entertain networks
  • EPG now/next and schedule information

System Requirements

  • A Sat> IP server connected to your home network
  • A Google Nexus Player with the latest version of Android
  • WLAN 802.11g standard (802.11n recommended)

Important Notes

  • The image quality depends on the bandwidth of your wireless network. WLAN 802.11g standard is recommended.
  • The app has been tested with the Sat> IP servers Telestar DIGIBIT R1 and Kathrein EXIP 414. You can find a list of SAT>IP devices at


  1. Connect your SAT>IP server to your satellite system and router, to which your Nexus Player is also connected with the wireless network.
  2. Install this app on your Nexus Player. The app is currently not listed in the Play Store on the Nexus Player. Start the installation in the Play Store on your PC under the same Google account that you use on your Nexus Player. A few minutes later the "Inaris SAT>IP" app will appear on the homescreen (launcher) of your Google Nexus Player.
  3. Start the "Inaris SAT>IP" app on the Nexus Player.
  4. Select your SAT>IP server and a channel list under "Channel Setup".
  5. Select "Watch TV" to start the Live TV.

Technical information

The app runs as a background app and provides a TV input service for the "Live Channels" app from Google on the Nexus Player, which also provides the GUI. Our DVB/IPTV software Inaris allows the transmitter to be tuned, monitored and managed, as well as reading and providing the transmitted additional data, such as EPG. Our SAT>IP Client components are also used in the app. Currently, the app supports streaming via the HTTP protocol and will soon be expanded to include the RTSP protocol.

Data protection policy

This app does not collect, process or store any of your personal data.

Open Source Software

We would like to thank all developers behind the open-source software used in this app. Below we list the software we have used and the license for such.


Video about our first implementation of Inaris on Nexus Player

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