Live TV Experience on Android TV

Consumers nowadays expect their media devices to offer a wide range of VOD services, apps and games. With Android TV many of the possibilities users know from their tablets and smartphones are now available on a TV set. With Android GMS, Google provides many important features like Google Play Store, YouTube and Voice Search. The classic TV experience is embedded in Android TV as a TV application which can be used with all the other applications to create a rich user experience. However, because Android is a comprehensive and complex system it comes with many challenges. We provide important missing pieces which will make your next Android TV product successful.

The Challenge

  1. Within the Android Open Source Packages, Google provides an API for TV middleware (TV Input Framework - TIF) that enables the linear TV functions. But Android TV only defines the APIs, no DVB/IPTV middleware is provided with the Android TV SDK. Therefore, a DVB/IPTV middleware needs to be integrated together with Android TV for a TV product.
  2. Today providing TV services via OTT is getting more and more important. New features like Network PVR, Replay TV or Restart TV are often based on OTT. Therefore, the seamless integration of classic broadcast DVB/IPTV services with new OTT services is important.
  3. Android TV defines APIs for the most used features for TV watching. However, for many TV products customer specific extensions of these APIs may be needed. Pay TV services always require provider specific implementations. Therefore, the integration of open standards like DVB with custom specific features is essential.

How we help

We provide all the missing pieces you need for a real life TV experience on an Android TV device - this includes well-known features like Teletext, HbbTV and Subtitles. As a company based in Munich in the heart of Europe, we offer you open communication, solutions orientation and flexibility you require for your product to be successful.

1. Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware

Inaris has already been integrated with Android’s TV Input Framework (TIF) and therefore enables well-known linear TV using DVB/IPTV with Android TV devices. All known features from classic TV are supported on Android TV. To allow the playback of protected content, we are integrating leading Conditional Access (CA) systems.

Learn more about Inaris >

2. Combine DVB/IPTV with OTT

OTT is getting more and more important for features like Replay TV and Network PVR. With our modular DVB/IPTV middleware we provide exactly the features you need for DVB/IPTV reception and integrate it with new OTT services. Our DVB/IPTV solution perfectly scales to your requirements.

3. Custom Services

Android TV is a complex framework. Many subtle requirements have to be fulfilled for Android GMS. We support you to find the best way how your product can be realised with Android TV. We adapt and extend our software stack to your pay TV and OTT requirements.

You need support for creating your live TV application on Android TV? For many years we also have specialized in TV user interfaces.

Why working with us?

Full access to strategically important software components

As a Munich-based company, you have a local partner in Europe, who understands your needs and can respond to new requirements or changed priorities on short notice. With us as a partner, you have control on the software development process and application development. This increases the sustainability of your solution.

We know the European TV market

From the beginning, we have been involved in the development of digital television in Europe. Our software components are deployed in millions of CE devices. We are an active member of the HbbTV consortium. With us as a partner, you can minimize your development risk.

We will reduce your time-to-market

We use our mature Inaris DVB/IPTV software components that are the result of many years of development work also for Android TV. With us you will reach product launch quickly and safely and we also support you during maintenance.

What are the benefits of end customers?

Everything works

Customers will be delighted with robust software without crashes, jerky animations or buffering videos, as well as fast channel switching. Daily performance of automated tests is a matter of course for us.

The full variety of the Android world

Apps, media libraries, games, all seamlessly transferred to the linear TV world.

A brilliant user experience

Our expertise in embedded GUIs means even the most discerning smartphone users will be satisfied, and their confidence in your brand will grow.


Integrating Inaris Middleware with the TIF to enable live TV on the Google Nexus Player via SAT>IP

On the Google Nexus Player, Android TV runs with GMS. Therefore, we linked the TV app provided in GMS, "Live Channels", with our Inaris TvInputService. TIF includes channel view, EPG and zapper functions. Channel scan is not supported. Channel lists are delivered via IP from a server. This makes it possible to receive free-to-air satellite or IPTV channels on the Google Nexus Player.

Implementation of a native TV app for Amazon Fire TV on Android AOSP

As on Fire TV Google GMS is not used, it does not come with a suitable TV application. So we implemented a custom designed TV application in order to enable Live TV. To do so, we executed a complex TV GUI designed by the design agency coeno, guaranteeing lavish animations and great pictures for an absolutely up-to-date TV user experience.

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