Google I/O 2024: Major Updates for Android TV

For us, it’s always important to follow the latest developments in Android TV. Discover the latest updates for Android TV announced at Google I/O 2024, including performance enhancements, new accessibility features, and improved multitasking capabilities. Read more about these exciting developments here.

Performance and Sustainability: Android 14 for TV brings a more responsive TV experience and introduces new energy modes to reduce standby power consumption.
Accessibility Enhancements: New features include color correction, enhanced text options, and improved navigation, making the TV experience more inclusive.
Multitasking and Picture-in-Picture: The updated Picture-in-Picture mode allows users to watch two videos simultaneously or use other apps while watching content, enhancing multitasking capabilities.
Compose for TV: The latest developer tools support Compose for TV, simplifying the creation of engaging TV apps with improved components and input support.
Video Discovery API: Enhanced integration with the recommendation engine and improved search functionality, along with richer metadata support, make content more discoverable and engaging.

These updates make Android TV more powerful and user-friendly, offering a better experience for both users and developers.

The Android TV Bootcamp is scheduled for June 11th – 12th, and we are eagerly anticipating a comprehensive presentation of the above-mentioned updates and to discuss what these innovations imply for our product portfolio.