Quickline TV Further Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is no longer just nice to have but is becoming increasingly essential for companies to prevent churn. Last month Quickline published its annual report for 2021 (only available in German), which shows that the customer satisfaction and attractiveness of Quickline TV have been further boosted.

The high level of customer satisfaction is also reflected in external studies. In a representative survey conducted by the business journal Bilanz (only available in German) on the best TV providers in Switzerland, Quickline performed very well compared with its major competitors. According to the report, Quickline took second place in the “quality” category.

We are proud to be part of Quickline’s success story and will continue to support Quickline in our area of responsibility to keep its customer satisfaction high. We achieve this goal through continuous technical improvements that positively influence the overall user experience. For example, in recent months, Quickline TV achieved a crash-free rate of >99% within a seven-days-range (according to Firebase Crashlytics) and enabled users to access TV channels in UHD. With our HLS Media Player we guarantee a smooth UHD experience for the viewer. Also, we could accelerate the release processes for these improvements to ensure that customers can benefit as quickly as possible.

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