Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware

This video demonstrates Inaris TVolution on an MStar STB chipset.

Inaris DVB Middleware on MStar Chipsets

June 2017

Our Inaris DVB Middleware is fully platform independent and runs already on various chipsets. This is achieved by using our Inaris Hardware Abstraction Layer which provides a high level API to access platform specific functionality.

We have now successfully ported our Hardware Abstraction Layer to run on latest MStar platforms using the MStar MI interface (Free-to-air/Zapping). Furthermore, we are about to start the pre-integration for the Nagra CA system on MStar chipsets. These activities allow us to cover even a wider range of device classes and additional markets with our Inaris DVB Middleware.

Teletext WebServer

June 2017

For the environments where it is not possible to transfer the Teletext data with the audio/video stream encapsulated, a Teletext WebServer can be the right solution. In this scenario the Teletext pages are decoded on a server and provided in a compact page format to the client. Learn more.

Start to integrate Push VoD

May 2017

For emerging markets a real Video on Demand (VoD) experience for the end user shall be realised - even with no broadband internet connection. Therefore the content will be pushed to the client via satellite. Using TVolution (based on Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware) the Push VoD feature will be integrated by TARA in cooperation.

Nagra pre-integration

April 2017

The process of Nagra pre-integration with the Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware is ongoing. The goal is to support smartcard-less as well as smartcard-based solution for decryption. The content is received from a DVB frontend.

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