STB Product Line for Broadcast (DVB-C/-T/-S2) and Broadband (IPTV, VoD) Networks (incl. CA-Support)

Market: Europe, Middle East, South America

Context: Our Inaris Middleware is a core component for a newly available STB product line. It consists of 10+ variations of feature configurations.

Our Solution

We extended our Inaris Middleware by several component to enable our customer to provide STBs with the following set of features:

  • DVB (-C/-T/-S2)
  • IPTV/ Hybrid
  • CA agnostic approach for embedded CA integration (CI+, Conax, Verimatrix, Nagravision, Panaccess)
  • PVR functionality (also with external HDD)
  • UPnP (Media Server, Digital Media Player)
  • Multi-Tuner support (1 - 8)
  • SmartTV
  • HbbTV
  • VoD
  • Media Player
  • Multiscreen

The integration of CA Systems has been developed by the customer’s team in cooperation with TARA Systems.

For the graphical user interface various technologies are used in this product line as Inaris is UI agnostic. For some STBs a browser based approach was chosen. Some are implemented with our own GUI Tool Embedded Wizard based on our TV reference application TVolution and others use third party solutions.


Here are some examples for now on the market available STB configurations with different hardware components.

Single-Tuner DVB-S2 including CA

  • HDTV DVB-S2 receiver
  • PVR ready
  • Nagravision CAS
  • Media Player
  • UPnP Server

IPTV with opt. DVB-T and VoD

  • DVB-T (opt)
  • PVR ready
  • VoD
  • Verimatrix for IPTV, OTT & DVB
  • UPnP Server

Multi-Tuner DVB-C with SmartTV

  • 4x DVB-C tuner support
  • HbbTV
  • SmartTV Portal
  • CI+
  • Conax CA for DVB
  • Media Player
  • UPnP Server
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