DiVi Tools - DVB / VBI Testing

For developers, who want to test their products regarding reception of DVB data or analogue TV data, including features like channel scan, EPG, Teletext or Subtitle decoding, TARA Systems offers a set of specialised and cost-effective software and hardware test tools. Thus developers can enhance their test scenarios and increase product stability and quality. TARA's test tools are not only deployed in laboratories, field tests and factories by device manufacturers worldwide, but also used inhouse by TARA's engineers to guarantee the excellent software quality TARA is known for.

DiVi Tools for DVB Testing

The DiVi Tools are a set of flexible and cost-effective hardware and software tools, specialised for data testing in Digital Video Broadcast (DVB). See Divi Tools Price List.

DiVi Software Tools

for analysis, modification and generation of DVB transport streams (DVB-TS) with focus on SI / PSI / Teletext / Subtitle data.

DiVi Playout System

Mini-PC for broadcasting DVB transport streams into DVB receiver devices, designed for laboratories and factories rather than professional broadcasters.

Tools for VBI Testing

Geditor and VBI-Recorder are HW/SW Tools for data testing within the vertical blanking interval (VBI) in analogue TV. See Geditor & VBI-Recorder Price List.

Geditor & Geditor+

for generation, editing and sending of VBI data including Teletext, EPG, VPS and WSS.


for recording and analyzing of VBI data from analogue TV transmissions.

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