Teletext for OTT and DVB

Teletext is still a very popular and well known feature for CE Devices. TARA Systems is market leader here and has a long track record licensing our Teletext Decoder to many TV and STBs manufacturer worldwide on various SoCs.

In OTT environments where it’s not possible to transfer the Teletext data as part of the audio/video stream we are offering our Teletext Server and Teletext Client solution.

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Teletext Server for OTT

The Teletext Decoder usually runs on TVs and STBs. In some cases (e.g. OTT) it may not be possible to transfer the Teletext data as part of the audio/video stream. Then a Teletext Server can help to solve this issue.

In this scenario the Teletext pages will be decoded on a server and provided in a compact page format to the client via IP. For this task a Teletext Converter application is available which is based on our Teletext Decoder. Multi-instances of the Teletext Converter allows simultaneous data collection for all required TV channels in a Teletext database. This database is updated in realtime and can be accessed by the clients.

The Teletext page data are retrieved by the clients (e.g. STB, media player or mobile device). The rendering is finally done in a Teletext view. To improve the readability, the Teletext True Type Font can be used there optionally.

Advantages and benefits of this solution:

  • Multi-instances of the Teletext Converter allows simultaneous data collection of all required TV channels.
  • All Teletext pages of the TV channels are immediately available on client side.
  • No further delay caused by local Teletext data acquisition.
  • Fast page update on client.
  • Low data volume to transfer the content of the teletext pages.
  • Client integration for Android TV and Linux systems are available.

This solution is already deployed in the field and e.g. used within the QL UHD Android TV project.

Teletext Decoder for DVB

The list below shows the most important features of the Teletext Decoder usually runnong on CE devices:

  • Level 1.5 and 2.5 Teletext
  • TOP and FLOF – navigation
  • Sub page bar and direct sub page selection
  • Scalable database from 10 pages up to 4000 pages
  • Support of various characters (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi)
  • Subtitle and newsflash display
  • Standard Teletext features (Hold, Mix, Zoom, Clock)
  • Page Catching
  • Teletext True Type font available
  • Optional ‘Binding Classes’ for TARA’s GUI Tool Embedded Wizard facilitate the integration of the graphics output

Teletext True Type Font

In addition to its Teletext decoder, we offer our Teletext True Type Font to display the Teletext data. The TrueType font ensures high quality characters and improves readability significantly – especially on high resolution user interfaces (e.g. UHD).

The font also contains Level 2.5 block graphics, as well as Arabic, Cyrillic, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, and other characters.

Links and Downloads

The video was made by the German TV-channel “Bayerischer Rundfunk” (BR) on the topic “35 Years of Teletext” (German only). It covers Teletext and HbbTV and was partially filmed at TARA’s office.

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