For many years TARA Systems' VBI recording and analysing tool REC5275 has been used successfully by TV broadcasters and CE manufacturers worldwide and became kind of a standard for the analysis of VBI data. Because of the continuing important analogue TV market and customers' demands TARA Systems offers a portable, easy-to-use successor of the REC5275 called VBI-Recorder. The VBI-Recorder consists of the VBI Data Receiver hardware and the VBI-Recorder software.



VBI-Recorder software features:

  • Real time recording of all data within the vertical blanking interval (VBI): TTX, VPS, WSS, CC
  • Filtering of EPG services: NexTView and proprietary services (e.g. tvtv analog, European Gemstar) based on Teletext transmission layer
  • Detailed views for PDC (packet8/30 format 1 and 2), VPS, WSS and CC
  • Batch mode for scheduled recording
  • Windows GUI (Win98, Win ME, Win2000, WinXP)
  • Compatible with Geditor and Geditor+, the VBI editing and insertion tools from TARA Systems.

VBI Data Receiver features (hardware):

  • Small, lightweight case; tailor-made for portable use in the field.
  • Length: 113mm, Width: 59mm, Height: 27mm, Weight: 205g (incl. USB cable).
  • USB 1.1/2.0. No ext. power supply necessary.
  • Multi-standard TV Tuner (PAL/SECAM) on board - No TV set necessary.
  • CVBS in (for bypass internal tuner)

Further Information

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