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GUI Development for Your Embedded Platform

Embedded Wizard is TARA Systems’ embedded GUI technology that enables you to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource constrained microcontrollers. The success story of Embedded Wizard started already around 20 years ago with GUI for consumer electronic devices such as TV sets. Meanwhile, Embedded Wizard is used in almost every domain of embedded devices where a modern GUI is desired.

Our expert team behind Embedded Wizard is not just providing you an excellent tool for GUI development on many different platforms. We also offer a huge range of professional services around Embedded Wizard, starting from workshops and training, consulting the specification phase of a GUI, until development of comprehensive user interfaces.

Please have a look at the website of Embedded Wizard to get an impression of all the things we are offering to make your GUI project a great success.

Embedded Wizard

Visit the Embedded Wizard Website to learn more about state of the art GUI development and the corresponding services for almost all kinds of Embedded Devices