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Our new Teletext for Smart Devices allows you to provide Teletext as a web application on Android TV and RDK based devices.

Android TV 11 comes with new foundational improvements such as enhanced security, improved memory management, and one-time app permissions. There are also

In these times, TV consumption at home has significantly grown. This can also be seen in the increased sales of TV devices.

Only half a year ago, SES launched their HD+ service in Ghana to deliver premium TV picture quality to Ghanaian households. We

We have now pre-integrated the VQE Client from Synamedia (formerly Cisco) into our Inaris Media Player…

Quickline now offers the blue Sport channels on their Android TV Box. We enabled this by integrating the Blue WebApp with the

The Montage SoC is a very attractive SoC for STBs in cost-sensitive markets. While the hardware costs are low, customers are still

End of last year, Google made their DVB Broadcast Stack available to their partners as an extension to Android TV…

2021 started in January with the Android TV Partner Summit. TARA Systems joined this virtually organized event…

HD Television for Ghana​

An SES Project | Improved picture quality and easier distribution of new TV content for a West African country – this intention

With the LiveOn TV application, we developed a flexible and powerful tool to prototype and demonstrate DVB-I distributions. To share best-practices around

Quickline UHD Android TV Set-Top Box  Android Pie and our TV solution come together in a premium set-top box  TARA Systems as

With the Replay Guide, we integrated an advanced feature on the Quickline UHD set-top box. It shows recommendations and most-watched programme events to the

The QL UHD STB provides more than 130 TV channels and up to seven days of Replay TV. This is a huge

On the Montage SoC, we have now successfully completed and certified the integration of our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution and the NAGRA CA

Like last year the TARA Systems team participated in the Android TV Bootcamp. However, due to Covid-19, this time the Bootcamp virtually

We now dive into microservice architecture for extending existing TV backend systems of our customers. Lightweight microservices written in Go, storing data


Teletext’s fortieth anniversary in Germany makes us recap its remarkable evolution. This much-loved media was one of the first to offer on-screen

The changes and improvements that are coming with Android TV 10 are more under-the-hood and not so visible to the user. Dynamic

As porting of the Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution has been done last year on top of a real-time operating system, we have now

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