Inaris Media Player Lowers Streaming Latency

Have you ever been in the middle of watching an important football match, only to get a goal notification on your phone or hear your neighbour’s cheers before you see the action? This occurrence is not unusual. While traditional TV typically experiences delays ranging from three to five seconds, OTT streams can lag by a minute, resulting in considerable frustration among fans.

Low latency technology serves to mitigate this issue. In collaboration with Quickline, we are aiming to provide a “spoiler-free” viewing experience for all live events. How? We have significantly reduced lag times and enable low latency through our OTT/IPTV Player in the Quickline network. Our player initiates the streaming of media content to the decoder with only a fraction of the initial segment, ensuring swift start times and seamless media playback.

As a result of these efforts, Quickline’s customers will now enjoy faster content delivery and experience live events like the European Championship with fewer spoilers. We’re pleased to enhance the streaming experience for all live events!

Looking to improve your live streaming capabilities and provide an exceptional viewing experience? Let’s discuss how we can assist you.