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Our software components and solutions are the building blocks for our customer’s set-top box and TV products. Besides these software parts, we see us as a partner for our customers during the whole product development process. We are open for your specific requirements and features and understand the clear wish for product differentiation in this market.

We are a highly qualified and competitive software engineering team based in Munich and Brasov (Romania). Our team has been working together successfully for many years. With our long-term experience in the area of TV solutions, UX design and GUI development, we are able to offer you services in different areas of software development.

Product Development

With our background in consumer electronics for three decades, we have been involved in many different customer projects. Sometimes we contribute single software components like Teletext, Subtitle Decoder, HbbTV or HLS player. Sometimes we contribute our software solutions like our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution, which utilises several of our components. In other projects, we provide whole applications based on TVolution or LiveOn TV as a starting base.

Besides the technological building blocks, our core engineering team can realise customer-specific adaptations and help in integrating our software components in your product. For a few years, our offering has been extended to taking further responsibility for the whole product development, product launch, maintenance, monitoring including also backend topics. In the best way, this can be seen in the current projects with our partners SES launching HD Television in Ghana and Quickline with their Android UHD TV Box.

Project Management

We contributed our expertise in project management in numerous successful projects and partnerships. We are familiar with widely used agile methods like Scrum and SAFE, which enable short iterative development steps and allow high flexibility in implementations.

All phases of the project lifecycle are well-known: from planning (including requirements analysis and risk management) through implementation and validation to deployment and maintenance.

With clear communication and a Single Point of Contact (SPoC), we create transparency for the customer and partners.

Software Design

Based on our many years of experience in the area of software development for embedded systems, we are well prepared to support our customers in the area of software design. Our customers use our software components and solutions in their products. This software will be integrated into and supplements our customer’s own software. We can give consultancy of how this can be achieved in the best way to fit their requirements.

You want to differentiate your product in the market and have new creative ideas never seen before? Ready-made software may not always fulfil all the requested features. In this case, we analyse together with you the new requirements and find a creative solution. 

By using a structured and agile process, together as a team, the requirements will be analysed and the software architecture be defined. We support you with the specification of new interfaces, adapt our software to your needs, and also implement new software components.

Monitoring & Analytics

Whether you want to measure the stability, the performance, or the usage of a device: remote monitoring provides the required information. You can get access to detailed metrics and evaluations that allow you to improve the product and to increase the user experience.

We use professional cloud-based environments such as the powerful analytics tool Splunk, or Google’s Pub/Sub, BigQuery database for data collection and Data Studio for data analysis.

We use these environments for embedded devices – regardless of the operating system used: Linux or Android, but also for RTOS. Even for non-connected devices, we developed a companion device that establishes the data transfer.

Health Monitoring

  • The analytics data is sent in real-time to the cloud
  • Allows remote investigation and analysis of errors in the field
  • Alarms and notifications for unexpected behaviour of monitored situations

Performance Monitoring

  • Allows validation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Comparison of KPI’s for different releases possible

Usage Monitoring

  • Collect information about the usage of specific features
  • Allows improving user experience and service offering based on usage monitoring

Software Engineering

To ensure excellent software quality, we use well-defined development processes which are based on modern and established frameworks. Using agile methodologies – like Scrum or Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – allows flexibility in projects, so that the end goal is moldable and becomes more clearly defined during the project. This enables efficient and easy adaptation in changing conditions and prerequisites.

Studies & Research

Our world continues to develop at a rapid pace. Many new technologies are emerging and replacing outdated ones. It is an integral part of our work to follow these new developments and decide which direction to take.

In order to keep our finger on the pulse of the times, we participate in research projects, e.g. with the Fraunhofer Institute, to build up an understanding of new developments but also to actively participate in these developments. We also invest in the study of new basic technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which have universal implications for our entire life.

This assessment and evaluation for new developments is not only the basis for our own further development but also forms the basis for advising our customers on which technologies are best suited for their products in order to also be successful in the future.

UX Design

The best and most successful products embody seamless, meaningful and relevant user experiences. Our experts guide and support you through the whole UX design process in order to achieve a top-notch user experience for your products.

GUI Development

The basis for implementing a successful graphical user interface (GUI) is a passionate development team that has a professional background in the latest GUI technologies. We are the perfect partner supporting you with project consulting, architecture and UX design, scalable up to full GUI development.

Why working with us?

Highly qualified and competitive team based in Europe (Germany and Romania)

Long-term experience in the area of TV solutions, UX Design and GUI Development

Reliable, accurate and on time

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Quick response time

Developers for embedded systems - most of them on senior level

Dedication and passion for the project

Familiar with agile processes

High quality - do automated testing and make it measurable

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good software design

Broadcom has been closely working with TARA Systems in the area of STB SoC solutions since 2008. Tara has a profound and deep knowledge of our SoCs and contributed with Inaris in several customer projects over the years in the area of DVB and video streaming solutions on our SoCs – both on Linux and Android TV. I personally cherish the Tara team and their skills not only in engineering but also in the way of cooworking with us and our common customers, always constructive and with the clear focus to solve problems and satisfy the customer.”
Paul Cox, Sr. Director, Software Engineering
“TARA Systems is a valuable partner for Sagemcom. The team at TARA is characterised by highly experienced engineers who have a passion for building proficient, user-friendly and, what is most important, consumer-oriented products. Their sophisticated knowledge in DVB/IP and Android TV, combined with their platform expertise, helped considerably to speed up the development and allowed a high level of customisation and numerous features for our joint customer Quickline.”
Olivier Bougaut, Senior VP, AVS1 Business Line
TARA Systems is a long-term and reliable partner of SES in the area of set-top boxes in a fast-moving tech environment. I am always entirely pleased with the high quality of the deliverables – particularly I really appreciate every individual expertise and their even stronger overall expertise as a highly efficient organism, their fast-paced decision making, and the high engagement of all team members. Their structured working method enables us to respond to short-dated changes in the development and thus to react to new challenges of our customer projects. TARA Systems does not only develop and take responsibility for the whole client Software they also supported us during conception phases, market introduction and maintenance phases. It's really a pleasure to work with them.
Alexander Sacher — VP Consumer Electronics Solutions & CTO HD+
TARA Systems has been part of Quickline's Android TV set-top box project from the beginning. Their long-term experience with DVB and OTT player, the in-depth knowledge of the used Broadcom platform and their high standards in the software development process has been invaluable for the success of such a complex product. Due to their strong sense of responsibility, TARA Systems has always been a highly reliable partner during the whole project.
Joachim Büchse — Head of Engineering
I appreciate the close collaboration with the TARA Systems team and their passion for the product. Together in the development team, we create sustainable solutions and continuous improvements for our customers. We are impressed by TARA's high quality in software development and analysis which results in great confidence of all parties involved. So I am glad that TARA Systems is part of the development team.

Ueli Hartmann — Head of TV Frontend Development

Selected Success Stories

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