LiveOn TV Application

LiveOn TV is a lightweight TV application that runs on Android and Android TV devices. The application is based on our market proven Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware and supports live TV functionality for DVB-C2/T2/S2 and IPTV. It runs on many different Android TV devices and supports SAT>IP for remote tuner access. Besides of live TV functionality, also remote channel management, HbbTV and Teletext is supported. The application is perfectly suited for all kind of in-house TV distributions e.g at broadcasters.

Features & Benefits


  • 10-foot User Interface based on the Leanback library
  • Supports multiple Free-To-Air sources:
    – DVB-C2/T2/S2 via SAT>IP
    – RTP Multicast
    – HLS Streaming
  • Channel Scan and Channel Sorting
  • Integrated HbbTV functionality using our Inaris HbbTV Solution for Android
  • Teletext
  • Android Launcher Channel


  • LiveOnTV is running on the powerful NVIDIA Shield platform and many other standard Android TV platforms.
  • Seamless integration into Android TV brings the best of both worlds: Linear TV and OTT streaming.
  • HbbTV brings additional broadcast related content via IP without installing native applications.
  • Extendable and Customizable: We offer to implement specific features and UI changes on request.

LiveOn TV for Broadcasters and Research Projects

Broadcasters and Content Providers

Many broadcasters are using multicast IPTV to distribute linear TV in-house. LiveOn TV can receive this content and present it to the users including HbbTV and Teletext. Furthermore, the channel lineup can be controlled by the headend side via automatic channel list updates.

The Austrian Broadcaster ORF is using LiveOn TV to playback their in-house TV distribution.

Research Projects

In research projects that are related to linear TV or interactive TV such as HbbTV, LiveOn TV can be the basis for enhanced and experimental  features. Since we are owning the whole TV stack including HbbTV 2, we can support you with modifications that go beyond today’s standards.

The German Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) uses LiveOn TV for research projects and demonstrations

LiveOn TV runs on the NVIDIA Shield Platform

We mainly develop and test our LiveOn TV application on the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro platform. This Android TV device comes with a high-performance chipset which ensures that the application, as well as HbbTV applications, run with unmatchable speed.

  • Very good availability in retail stores
  • High performance CPU for incredibly fast application behaviour
  • Remote control connected via Bluetooth
  • Alternatively control via the TV using the CEC protocol is possible
  • Runs Android Oreo which includes the new Android TV Launcher
  • Ethernet connector for stable delivery of high-bitrate media streams
Besides of the NVIDIA Shield Platform, also many other standard Android TV platforms are supported by the LiveOn TV application e.g. recent Android based Sony TV models.

Customer Specific Solutions

We provide the LiveOn TV application either with the basic feature set or as a customer specific version. In the basic version we support live TV via SAT>IP or IPTV, HbbTV, and Teletext. A selection of possible modifications are:

  • Support of additional languages
  • Specific color scheme or logos in the UI
  • Channel management by regular synchronisation with remote channel lists
  • Support of favourite lists and radio channels
  • Modified startup behaviour e.g. automatically start the app after boot or stand-by
  • Integration of channels delivered via OTT e.g. HLS live streams

License Model and Support

LiveOn TV can be licensed with various models depending on the requested feature set and the number of deployed devices. Furthermore, we offer a support and maintenance contingent to assist you with the bringup and operation. To request more information about license conditions and prices, please use our contact form.

The Android robot logo has been reproduced or modified from a work created and shared by Google and is used for attribution under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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