UX Design

The best and most successful products embody seamless, meaningful and relevant user experiences. The quality of the user experience (UX) is one of the decisive factors for a consumer to choose between products, especially when they offer a similar feature set.

TARA Systems combines UX design with the implementation process. With our technical experience in embedded systems and consumer electronics, first visible and tangible results will be easily created. Our customers appreciate our rapid prototyping process, so the experience of the future (redesigned) product is getting to live already in an early phase in the development process.

UX Design Process

Our agile UX design process aggregates available data and input (e.g., insights from user visits, personas, a preliminary set of wireframes) and iterates these in the different phases. Additionally, further UX design approaches are applied in order to optimise and finalise the outcomes of each phase and continue with the UI design process.

Our experts guide and support you through the whole UX design process in order to achieve a top-notch user experience for your products. Furthermore, we will support you with the UI design with our valuable network of external UI design partners to ensure the best possible visual appearance of the user interface.

GUI Development

The basis for implementing a successful graphical user interface (GUI) is a passionate development team that has a strong background of the latest GUI technologies. Especially, when it comes to embedded or consumer electronics platforms, it is absolutely necessary that the developers bring in a high understanding of resource restrictions and how to deal with them. 

With 25 years of experience in embedded GUI development, we guarantee your success. The professionals of our GUI development team are highly experienced in embedded systems and consumer electronics platforms. Our GUI development team shares their expertise of one a wide range of tools and technologies such as the Embedded Wizard.

We are the perfect partner supporting you with project consulting, architecture and UX design, scalable up to full GUI development. For any customer project and platform, we are working on, the goal stays the same: Create GUIs with the most suitable technology available, implement it cost-efficient, and impress the customer and user with the resulting GUI.

What we understand by Software Engineering?

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Impressions from selected Customer Projects

GUI Success Stories

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