Devolo dLAN® TV Sat 1300-HD - HD DVB-S streaming via powerline

Product Description

Product: HD Set-top box with PVR for DVB-S streaming via powerline
Brand: Devolo
Markets: Germany
Platform: STMicroelectronics

The dLAN® TV Sat 1300-HD Set-top box with PVR is the solution for satellite TV experience in any room without the need for antenna cables. It receives DVB-S streams via powerline and thus enables TV reception and recording at any power outlet. The bundle contains a DVB-S tuner, which is placed near the satellite antenna and which streams the DVB-S signals into the powerline network. With two DVB-S tuners connected to the network, the Set-top box supports reception of up to two HD channels.

The browser-based EPG application allows previewing the currently selected IPTV service.

Further Information:

TARA Components

  • TVolution DVB PVR Solution incl. Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution as turnkey for reception and recording of DVB streams via powerline (ethernet) incl. user interface application with EPG, Teletext and DVB Subtitles.
  • Specific enhancements: For the devolo package, TARA developed several extensions for the TVolution DVB PVR Solution, e.g. to receive DVB-S streams from an external DVB-S tuner (separate device) and for that purpose send remote control commands (like channel up/channel down) from the STB via powerline to the external tuner.
  • Embedded Wizard GUI Technology for customization of the graphical user interface
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