DVB Middleware

The Inaris DVB Middleware is part of the Inaris Product Family and a modular solution for DVB/IPTV and can be used in all kinds of devices supporting TV functionality. It includes popular features like PVR, HbbTV, EPG, TeletextSubtitling or SAT>IP.

This page provides general information about the Inaris DVB Middleware which has been used in many deployments. For details regarding the usage of our DVB Turnkey Application TVolution or our Android TVApplication LiveOn TV see the dedicated pages:

Shorten Your Time-to-Market

Modular and Flexible Architecture

To allow you to adapt and enhance our solutions to your needs

GUI Agnostic

To enable the usage of different GUI technologies.


Reduced porting effort due to an abstraction layer for operating system and hardware.

Turnkey Solution for DVB STBs

To accelerate your project development, our DVB Turnkey Application TVolution is available for Linux/RTOS.

CA System Support

Several CA systems have been integrated and passed the certification process successfully.

Reference Application

Our sophisticated reference application LiveOn TV runs on Android and Android TV devices.

Easy Integration and Configuration

To facilitate the deployment and minimise development costs.

“Broadcom has been closely working with TARA Systems in the area of STB SoC solutions since 2008. Tara has a profound and deep knowledge of our SoCs and contributed with Inaris in several customer projects over the years in the area of DVB and video streaming solutions on our SoCs - both on Linux and Android TV. I personally cherish the Tara team and their skills not only in engineering but also in the way of coworking with us and our common customers, always constructive and with the clear focus to solve problems and satisfy the customer.”
Paul Cox, Senior Director Software
“TARA Systems is a long-term and reliable partner of SES in the area of set-top boxes in a fast-moving tech environment. I am always entirely pleased with the high quality of the deliverables – particularly I really appreciate every individual expertise and their even stronger overall expertise as a highly efficient organism, their fast-paced decision making, and the high engagement of all team members. Their structured working method enables us to respond to short-dated changes in the development and thus to react to new challenges of our customer projects. TARA Systems does not only develop and take responsibility for the whole client Software, they also supported us during conception phases, market introduction and maintenance phases. It's really a pleasure to work with them.” 
Alexander Sacher, VP Consumer Electronics Solution


Channel Scan & Management

Picture in Picture

Full 7-Day

PVR & Time Shift

System Software Update

CA System Support

We and our customers have integrated several CA systems:

Software Architecture

  • Application includes the user interface. With TVolution TARA offers a DVB Turnkey Application which is used in several Linux and RTOS based products. For Android deployments we provide our reference application LiveOn TV.
  • Inaris DVB/IPTV Core covers the core TV functionality incl. channel scan, channel management, EPG, parental control and PVR.
  • CA Systems interface and rights management enables integration of content protection systems.
  • SAT>IP components realise SAT>IP server and/or SAT>IP client functionality.
  • Inaris Abstraction Layer enables a flexible solution running on different platforms. It consists of a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and an OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL).
  • Hardware Layer is provided from SoC manufacturer and extended by specific drivers of the HW vendor. It includes OS (e.g. Linux), drivers and codecs.

Selection of Supported Platforms

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