Subtitle Decoders

TARA Systems offers flexible software decoders for DVB-Subtitling and several other subtitle standards and allows easy integration of the important subtitling feature into existing CE device software.

Subtitling, which is used to display text information for hearing impaired people or translations into several languages, has become an important feature of CE devices. Moreover, some subtitle standards have become mandatory in certain countries, like e.g. “Closed Caption” in the USA.

For the various subtitling standards, TARA Systems offers several flexible, platform-independent decoder solutions, which can easily be integrated into existing software on various embedded platforms. In addition, TARA provides test tools for data broadcasting, in order to verify the integrated software decoders and to ensure a high product quality.

DVB Subtitling

DVB subtitling is the captioning standard in digital television. The decoding and display of DVB subtitles as a feature for CE devices is currently of increasing importance, and will become mandatory in various European countries within the next years.

TARA Systems offers a decoder for DVB SD subtitles and DVB HD subtitles, compliant to the ETSI EN 300 743 V1.3.1 definition. The decoder enables CE manufacturers to integrate the DVB subtitle feature into their applications in a fast and easy way. Compared to other DVB subtitle decoders available in the market today, TARA’s decoder solution produces an improved and robust output and corresponds to all the latest ETSI definition changes. It is designed platform-independent and can therefore easily be ported to various suitable chipsets.

Optional ‘Binding Classes’ for interconnection with TARA’s GUI Tool Embedded Wizard facilitate the integration of the DVB subtitle decoder into a user interface, developed with Embedded Wizard, and allow easy UI customisation and full UI prototyping on PC. The DVB Subtitle Bindings are available for the DVB SD Subtitle decoder only.

DiVi Subtitle Generator for Test Purpose

After integrating the DVB Subtitle Decoder into their own software applications, developers need to verify their products, to guarantee high quality and stability. For that purpose, TARA offers its DiVi Software Tools – especially the DiVi Subtitle Generator. TARA also uses the DiVi Software Tools as part of its sophisticated automated test scenarios during the development of the DVB Subtitle Decoder and other DVB software.

Teletext Subtitling

Teletext is a well-known feature in analogue TV and, because of its popularity, it is also available in DVB. Within Teletext, character-based subtitles can be broadcast on specific Teletext pages. TARA Systems offers a Teletext Decoder for Level 1.5 & 2.5 for analogue TV and DVB.

Services & Consulting

TARA Systems offers cost-effective, flexible test tools for data broadcasting, e.g. the DiVi Tools for DVB (digital) and the Geditor and VBI-Recorder for VBI (analogue). TARA ‘s tools enable developers to create, modify, and play out custom test data in order to verify their decoder software in factories, laboratories, and field tests.

We also offer our experience for consulting, implementation support and support regarding features and standards in CE devices.

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