Customers and Partners

Building Strong Partnerships

Our strong partnerships with leading chip suppliers, consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers, broadcasters and universities help us to provide creative and innovative solutions to our customers. We consider it essential to team up with key players of the industry, which enables our customers to gain added value.


Since the beginning of computer science, engineers as well as students have to conquer problems with significantly increasing complexity. The only way to keep pace with this development is to improve the knowledge and abilities of the people who are supposed to solve today’s and future problems in computer science. We at TARA Systems strongly rely on talented people and the institutions like universities where the future software engineers and architects are educated. This is the reason why we also want to give something back and contribute to the education of students. To fulfill this obligation, Michael Schäfer, Software Engineer at TARA Systems, is teaching at Munich University of Applied Sciences in the department of Computer Science and Mathematics. By doing so, we follow a long tradition of teaching at Munich University of Applied Sciences which has been started by our CEO Alexander Wass. He was a lecturer for the course “Lernen im Projekt” (former web site) for 18 years.

Various international renowned corporations and specialised startups have already made use of our services. The following list is an excerpt of TARA Systems’ customers and partners:

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