Customers and Partners

Building Strong Partnerships

Our strong partnerships with leading chip suppliers, consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers, broadcasters and universities help us to provide creative and innovative solutions to our customers. We consider it essential to team up with key players of the industry, which enables our customers to gain added value.

About SES

SES is the world-leading satellite operator and the first to deliver a differentiated and scalable GEO-MEO offering worldwide, with over 50 satellites in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and 20 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). SES provides reliable and secure satellite and ground communications solutions. They push for breakthroughs in connectivity and their impact for people worldwide.

Together we have realised a number of projects so far. You can read about the individual projects and milestones in our Inaris R&D section.

Lennart Sohst,
Senior Manager Solution Development

“TARA Systems is a long-term and reliable partner in the area of set-top boxes in a fast-moving tech environment. I am always entirely pleased with the deliverables – particularly due to their agile procedure, fast-paced decision making, and the high engagement of all team members involved. Their structured working method enables us to respond to short-dated changes in the development and thus to react to new challenges of our customer projects. TARA Systems exceeded our expectations because they supported us during conception phases by proactively involving us in their expertise in set-top box development.”

About Quickline

The Quickline group is one of the leading full-service providers of entertainment and communication in Switzerland. The Swiss cable operator group connects private clients and SMEs with the world via the Internet, fixed and mobile telephony and television/radio.

TARA Systems has worked with Quickline since 2017. During 2019 we continued our successful cooperation. We achieved exceptional user experience and enhanced the feature set of the hybrid DVB/IP UHD Android TV STB. Read our Quickline Success Story.

Thomas Prinz, General Project Lead

“It is a real pleasure to work with the experts from TARA Systems. Besides the technical skills in DVB & Android TV, they have always been fully engaged and reacted fast in a very professional manner to challenges and changes during the ongoing project. They are driven by passion and high responsibility to meet our expectations in quality, feature set and timeline. It is a very homogenous team which I pretty much like to work with. I am looking forward to cooperate also in the future.”

University of Applied Sciences logoSince the beginning of computer science, engineers as well as students have to conquer problems with significantly increasing complexity. The only way to keep pace with this development is to improve the knowledge and abilities of the people who are supposed to solve today’s and future problems in computer science. We at TARA Systems strongly rely on talented people and the institutions like universities where the future software engineers and architects are educated. This is the reason why we also want to give something back and contribute to the education of students. Michael Schäfer, Software Engineer at TARA Systems, is grateful to teach at Munich University of Applied Sciences in the department of Computer Science and Mathematics. By doing so, we follow a long tradition of teaching at Munich University of Applied Sciences which has been started by our CEO Alexander Wass. He was a lecturer for the course “Lernen im Projekt” (former website) for 18 years.

Various international renowned corporations and specialised startups have already made use of our services. The following list is an excerpt of TARA Systems’ customers and partners:

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