SAT>IP Client/Server Solution

SAT>IP enables the distribution of a broadcast signal (regardless of satellite, cable or terrestrial signal) without the hassle of laying coaxial cable at home and making it accessible for various IP enabled devices such as TVs, client STBs as well as smartphones and tablets. The open standard, defined by the satellite operator SES Astra provides a SAT>IP server for converting the satellite signal into an IP stream and a client for playing the stream. The standard can be used by each manufacturer and integrated into their products.

The Inaris SAT>IP solution supports DVB-S2/-C/-T2 and consists of a SAT>IP Client and a SAT>IP Server. It is available as an extension for TARA’s own Inaris DVB Middleware or as a stand-alone component for third-party or customer-specific DVB solutions. 

Inaris SAT>IP Client

We have developed a SAT>IP Client solution within a cooperation project with SES that is compatible with various certified servers. Beside live streaming with minimized latency it also allows timeshift by client side buffering. Our solution is used within HD+ Connect application which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Streamlined Interface

Our SAT>IP solution offers a streamlined interface that allows easy, smooth integration into the application, and the connection of a player. Apart from detailed, structured documentation, we provide a sample application that can be used as a blueprint for implementation. Of course you can also contact our support at any time.

Platform Independent

The SAT>IP solution is implemented in platform-independent C. Therefore the client can be used on various devices. We offer the solution in Source Code and binary form for the dedicated platform. Possible use cases are Apps for Apple (e.g.iPad, iPhone, Apple TV) and Android devices (e.g. Tablets, Smartphones, Android TV incl. Media Player and TV sets). Additionally the Inaris SAT>IP Client can also be integrated in set-top boxes or TV sets to extend with remote tuners which are connected via IP.

Inaris SAT>IP Server

We also provide a standard SAT>IP Server solution, which is currently certified by SES. Like all Inaris components it is realized platform independent. That makes it applicable for TV sets, set-top boxes and SAT>IP converter devices.

The SAT>IP Server supports simultaneous connection of multiple tuners and makes them available to other devices as a remote tuner within a home network. It converts the satellite TV signals to IP. Each tuner on the server thus supplies a broadcast MPEG transport stream. By supporting multiple tuners, several programmes can be delivered (from different transponders) at the same time.

Beyond the standard SAT>IP specification we extended the server to support the transcription of encrypted services (CA to DRM) and to allow client-driven transcoding.

Why us?

25+ Years of TV Software

We come from the world of CE software. Having offered a variety of products in the field of smart TV, we know all about decoding, transcoding, streaming and TV standards.

Cooperation with SES

Our background and our software development processes convinced SES Astra - who developed the SAT>IP protocol - to cooperate with us in the reference implementation.

Modular and Slim

The SAT> IP software was implemented in compliance with the TARA Systems quality standard with modular architecture (for better testing and maintainability) and is software agnostic and platform independent. This ensures that the Inaris SAT>IP solution can be integrated in a simple way in an existing software infrastructure - and this can be done across platforms.

Future Proof

Together with SES Astra we extended the SAT>IP standard to allow the distribution of pay TV content in the home via IP. In addition an improved streaming via WLAN is realised through client driven transcoding. So the client is able to choose best possible streaming quality dependent on the available signal strength.

Well Tested

To ensure interoperability our software is regularly tested with the pre-compliance tests directly on the target hardware. In addition, we carry out automatic unit testing and system testing on the PC and the respective target platform.

What is SAT>IP?

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