HUMAX UHD 4tune+

HD Live TV on mobile devices with SAT>IP

Nowadays, the consumer wants to see TV Content not solely on a TV, but also on mobile devices anywhere at home – and this in good quality. This means that the support of encrypted content need to be ensured as well.

With the UHD 4tune+, HUMAX puts its first UHD-capable satellite receiver on the market to meet those requirements. And TARA Systems is proud to have contributed to this great product by providing its SAT>IP Server solution.

TARA’s SAT>IP Server supports simultaneous connection of multiple tuners and makes them available to other devices as a remote tuner within a home network. As there are four built-in satellite tuners in the HUMAX UHD 4tune+, you can stream more than one TV programme to a smartphone or tablet within your home network.

Moreover, HD+ ExtraScreen feature allows you to watch your favourite TV programme in the full HD quality, even on a smartphone or tablet.

See the UHD 4tune+ product page (German only).

Test Results

HUMAX UHD 4tune+ has been tested in various magazins and has received excellent ratings. In particular the flexible recording and SAT>IP streaming functions as well as top UHD quality have been defined as the most important features of the media player.

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