HD+ Connect App

Playback of Encrypted Content on Mobile and Multi Media Devices

The feature HD+ ExtraScreen extends HD+ to multiscreen distribution in households using Inaris SAT>IP Solution. For the very first time, the SAT>IP technology was used to stream encrypted channels to mobile devices.

The Challenge

SAT>IP is a technology that brings satellite broadcast TV to a range of IP devices such as tablets, PCs and smartphones in homes.

To meet consumer demands HD+/SES decided to develop an application to enable streaming of TV content to mobile devices based on SAT>IP technology. As HD+ is SES’ German DTH HD platform that gives subscribers access to a large number of channels in HD quality, the new application needed to support streaming of encrypted content as well.

The Solution

Together with SES, we extended the SAT>IP specification to enable this functionality. We contributed to the client application with the enhanced SAT>IP Client as a fundamental underlying component, and to the satellite receiver HUMAX UHD 4tune+ with the enhanced SAT>IP Server.

In addition, the new specification supports client-driven video transcoding, which allows the consumer to choose from different video resolutions and bit rates to optimally adapt these to local conditions and client’s capabilities.

All these extensions are combined within the feature, called HD+ ExtraScreen.

The Result

The good collaboration between the involved parties made it possible to realize the HD+ ExtraScreen, which is the core feature of the new HD+ Connect app. Using this application, the user is now able to watch HD+ services on a tablet and to adapt the streaming parameters according to the local conditions. The HD+ Connect App is available for iOS and Android devices.

Both versions contain the Timeshift feature, which allows the user to pause the TV programme and continue the playback later.

To use the HD+ ExtraScreen with the HD+ Connect App a corresponding server needs to be available in the home network: The satellite receiver HUMAX UHD 4tune+ contains the enhanced Inaris SAT>IP Server, which enables the support of this feature. Besides that, with the new update of HUMAX H1, the holders of a HUMAX UHD 4tune+ satellite receiver are now able to watch encrypted HD+ programmes in further rooms as well.


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