Our Media Player Ready for Client-Side Ad-Substitution

In the digital landscape, personalised advertising has become a cornerstone of web environments, significantly enhancing the value of advertising spaces by tailoring ads to the user’s profile. This approach contrasts sharply with the generic nature of non-personalised ads. In the last years, the concept was adopted to the broadcast and streaming world where traditional advertisement breaks are replaced by personalised adverts.

From a technical perspective, client-side ad-substitution is a challenge for the media player which shall provide the viewer a seamless playback even if advertisement clips are substituted on the fly. With our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution and Media Player, we are now technically prepared for this step. The most common use case is the reception of linear TV via broadcast or IPTV where markers for the ad substitution are contained. By interfacing with an ad-decision server, we perform a seamless transition from broadcast to broadband playback and back again as the ad break concludes. Our advantage lies in our comprehensive control over both the broadcast and broadband players, enabling us to guarantee a frame-accurate and seamless experience. Only when the advertisement substitution is so flawless that it goes unnoticed, we consider it a success.

We invite you to connect with us and explore how client-side ad substitution can enhance your product with the Inaris Media Player.