Adding Teletext to Your Android TV App Has Never Been Easier

Integrating Teletext into an Android TV app presents significant challenges. Over-the-top (OTT) streaming protocols do not natively support Teletext, and the remote controls may lack digit and/or colour keys. Our innovative client/server-based Teletext solution addresses these issues effectively.

To further streamline the integration of Teletext into your TV app, we now offer a complete Android Teletext application. This application can be launched from your TV app with just a single function call. Once started, the Teletext app overlays the video of your TV app, operating as a fully self-contained entity. It directly handles all key inputs required for Teletext control, ensuring that it operates independently from the TV app and requires minimal modifications to the existing TV app to support Teletext.

Many Android TV remote controls do not include digit and/or colour keys. To accommodate this, our Teletext app supports the proven page-catching feature, which allows users to navigate Teletext page numbers using the cursor keys and select pages with the OK button. This intuitive navigation also allows selecting colour fields at the bottom of a Teletext page. For situations where direct page number input is necessary, the app can also offer a virtual keyboard for digit and colour keys, making it versatile and user-friendly.