Our Next Level TV and Streaming Solution

With our Inaris Product Family for Operators, we offer a modular and flexible TV solution for modern DVB, hybrid or pure OTT devices. In today’s fast-changing world, where technologies and solutions often revolutionise the market, our goal is to provide our customers with sustainable and innovative solutions for their TV products along with the corresponding services. This philosophy requires that refactoring and optimisation steps are carried out at regular intervals to keep pace with general technological developments.

At the beginning of this year, we focused on structural improvements as well as improvements to the performance and memory utilisation of our Inaris TV solution. This step is a tribute to the many TV devices with Inaris inside (e.g. our partners A1, Quickline or SES),  that have been working with outstanding user-friendliness for years – even though the range of functions grows with every update. At the same time, we are preparing ourselves for upcoming technological challenges such as cross-platform app development in the TV sector and new standards for harmonising streaming formats. With our Media Player and GUI development team, we can offer you the next level for your TV application: from the fastest startup times for playback to highly intuitive UX & GUI development.

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