Quickline’s TV Streaming Segment Records Growth in 2023

Our partner Quickline continues its growth trajectory following the successful launch of its products nationwide across Switzerland. According to the latest business report released by Quickline, the company has witnessed notable growth in various sectors. Notably, the number of Quickline’s TV Box customers increased by 7.7%. This impressive growth can be attributed to Quickline’s unwavering commitment to delivering premium product quality and exceptional customer service, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and increased clientele in pivotal areas such as TV Streaming. Quickline’s steadfast dedication to product excellence and customer-centric approach solidifies its position as a premier telecommunications provider in Switzerland.

We are pleased to have made a significant contribution to Quickline’s TV Box by providing a reliable set-top box software. Having been part of the development of Quickline’s TV Box from the beginning, such achievements serve as a catalyst for us at TARA Systems to continuously strive for a great user experience and customer satisfaction. Read more about our partnership with Quickline here.