Reflecting on our Key Takeaways From DVB World 2024

We look back on an insightful conference and many stimulating conversations we had about TV and streaming. Here are some of our key takeaways from the dynamic shifts shaping the future of broadcasting:

  • Embracing Change: With the existing DVB standards and roadmap for future developments, DVB enables the convergence of broadcasting and broadband and offers interoperable solutions for both worlds. This is essential for DVB to stay relevant in a continuously evolving landscape.
  • Beyond Linear TV: While linear TV remains pivotal, broadcasters must adeptly navigate the challenges of the market by ensuring their content is readily available in the OTT space Sole reliance on HbbTV may not be enough.
  • DVB-I: DVB-I emerges as the cohesive force among many DVB specifications, yet adoption faces hurdles. A chicken-and-egg dilemma persists: broadcasters await manufacturers, while manufacturers await regulatory cues and regulators need to be triggered from the market.
  • Targeted Advertisement Standardisation: Exciting strides have been made in standardising targeted advertisement specifications, catering to diverse use cases. This development holds particular significance for operators seeking to enhance the value of advert breaks in linear TV. TARA Systems is proud to offer software solutions in this space which are technologically aligned with the DVB standards.

We look forward to integrating these insights into refining our product portfolio, ensuring we always deliver optimal solutions for our customers.