Teletext Celebrates a Revival in Switzerland

The IGEM Digimonitor 2023 report on media consumption in Switzerland has revealed a significant increase in Teletext users during the last year.

The IGEM Interessengemeinschaft elektronische Medien is committed to the diversity and transparency of electronic media in Switzerland and is intensively dedicated to digitisation. Their study “IGEM Digimonitor 2023” surveys the use of electronic media & devices in Switzerland since 2014 and highlights the Swiss use of pay TV, chat GPT, metaverse and electronic media.

The study shows that traditional media such as radio, cinema and Teletext are regaining popularity. Television is even the top medium. Due to our connection and history with Teletext, we are naturally all the more excited that it experienced a growth of 520,000 individual users compared to the previous year. Teletext, a seemingly timeless medium, continues to captivate audiences, with a total of 2.5 million people (37% of the population) turning to it for information at least occasionally. 1.6 million users (23%) engage with teletext on a weekly basis, which means that one in every four Swiss men and one in every five Swiss women are tuning in at least once a week. The age demographics reveal the following patterns: Teletext captures the attention of men aged 35 and above, while women show increased interest starting at the age of 55. The platform is particularly popular with people with an interest in sport, politics and business and resonates well with the audience of SRG, MySports, and Blick TV.

It is truly heartening to witness the enduring relevance and growing popularity of Teletext in Switzerland and we look forward to a continued positive development.

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