A Remarkable Year for Our Media Player and our Partnership with the A1 Group

The past year has unfolded a remarkable narrative surrounding our Media Player, which is now available on the A1 Xplore TV set-top boxes in Austria, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. Following the successful launch in the Austrian market in late 2022, both Bulgaria and Slovenia seamlessly transitioned to utilizing HLS with our Media Player for their nPVR and VOD services. Currently, over 600,000 customers using A1 devices are enjoying an elevated TV experience, a fact that is affirmed by the latest customer surveys.

In terms of feature development in 2023, we made significant strides. We introduced highest protection needed for 4K content, expanded our WebVTT decoder to accommodate a wide range of custom subtitle styling, and incorporated additional analytics and monitoring capabilities. Moreover, on the server side, we made substantial enhancements to our monitoring and analytics system, maximizing insights gleaned from the alpha and beta testing groups. This robust analytics system, coupled with the data generated by our Media Player, constitutes a pivotal factor in achieving success in the market.

We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaborative journey with A1 Austria, A1 Bulgaria, and A1 Slovenia, aiming to deliver an exceptional viewing experience to their valued customers. We invite you to explore our compelling stories of integrating and launching our player for A1 Austria and A1 Bulgaria and Slovenia.