Android TV Player SDK: Simplify and Accelerate Media Player Integration 

Our Inaris Media Player is a highly optimised player solution supporting playback of OTT and IPTV streams. It is used on a wide range of operator streaming devices and apps to enable an outstanding user experience. Besides native integration on many STB platforms, we support also the Android Media Codec API which gives the highest flexibility on Android devices.

To simplify and speed up the onboarding of our media player into customer applications, we recently launched our new Android TV Player SDK. It comes with a Java-based media player API which has been harmonised with the stable and proven C-API. For customers already using our media player, this makes it easier to transfer their integration to Android TV devices. New customers will experience a clean and well-documented API for their integration work.

The Android TV Player SDK also comes with a ready-to-use sample application to playback the streams intended for the product at a very early www. The sample app acts as a blueprint for product integration, providing developers with a solid foundation to build upon.

Also on Android TV, our media player comes with enhanced monitoring and analytics functionality which can be validated with the new SDK and sample app. As the generated monitoring data is the same for all platforms, Android TV deployments can use the same analytics infrastructure and dashboards as existing native deployments. With our new Android TV Player SDK and sample app, we provide our media player for a much broader range of platforms and give our customers a solid starting point for their integration. It will help to test, verify, and prototype their applications swiftly. This acceleration in the development and verification phases allows for a quicker project start and delivers faster results.