The Lasting Charm of Teletext in the Age of Online Streaming

In an era dominated by digital media, Teletext, a stalwart since the 1970s, continues to capture significant audience attention. It has not only survived but also adapted to the digital age, maintaining its pivotal role in the television experience. A 2021 survey in Germany revealed an astonishing 12 million weekly Teletext users, while in Switzerland, around 500,000 people access it daily, many through digital media. Switzerland’s digital Teletext channels in 2020 reached a record high of 792,000 unique devices and garnered a staggering 198 million page views. Moving into 2022, Teletext’s popularity remained robust with ARD-Text accessed by a quarter of the German television audience, amounting to more than 19 million users.

Our own research and analysis in current customer networks corroborate these survey results, solidifying the idea that in spite of the surge in digitalisation and online data, Teletext is an indispensable source of information. These data points underscore the lasting significance and adaptability of Teletext within the ever-evolving digital terrain.

This “old-timer” still has many miles left in it, proving that the demand for this type of information service is far from obsolete. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and straightforward delivery of information, presenting a refreshing alternative to the often inundated and intricate online news portals. Unsurprisingly, it is frequently used for swift access to sports results and current news headlines.

At TARA Systems, we are proud of our three-decade-long track record in Teletext. We have engineered solutions that cater to both traditional DVB/IPTV devices and the newer OTT streaming-based smart devices. Recognizing that OTT streaming methods such as HLS or DASH no longer support Teletext, we’ve innovated a contemporary, web-based alternative to traditional Teletext.