Picture-in-Picture now Supported by our Media Player

With our Inaris Media Player, you can now play multiple videos concurrently. This enhancement offers an enriched user experience by supporting various viewing configurations such as picture-in-picture (PiP), side-by-side video, and video preview functions.

While the primary video remains the centrepiece of the video experience, maintaining full-screen mode and audio, our new update grants you the flexibility to tailor the performance of additional video playbacks to your system’s capabilities. We understand that simultaneous streaming of multiple video streams can stress the network, potentially becoming a bottleneck. To counteract this, we’ve developed options for prioritizing primary video playback. You can control the maximum bitrate used for adaptive streaming, ensuring that the playback of your primary video remains uncompromised by a secondary video running in a smaller window. Alternatively, you can opt for a lower resolution video in the secondary viewing window, preserving network resources.

Our proven methods for monitoring and evaluating streaming quality are completely compatible with these enhanced features, spanning all video/audio playbacks. This ensures you can continue to enjoy your high-quality content as smoothly and seamlessly as before.