A1 Bulgaria and A1 Slovenia Decide for Our Media Player

A1 Group, a premier European provider of digital services and communication solutions, offers its high-quality Xplore TV product to customers. Xplore TV delivers live channels, a 7-day catch-up feature, recording capabilities, and video-on-demand (VoD) services through the Xplore TV Media Box.

Following a successful collaboration between TARA Systems and A1 on enhancing the Xplore TV product with our Inaris Media Player for A1 Telekom in Austria, the partnership expanded to include player exchanges at A1 Bulgaria and A1 Slovenia. This effort aimed to extend the significant user experience enhancements from the new player in Austria to other A1 Group countries.

In A1 Slovenia’s network, the player must accommodate IP access via 5G mobile networks, which differs from A1 Austria’s setup. Meanwhile, the challenge for A1 Bulgaria was to integrate the Inaris Media Player into an existing hybrid OTT/DVB-C product. Throughout the integration process and testing phase, our dedicated monitoring and analytics system closely supervised all activities. We are proud to announce that the field launch was successfully completed in March 2023.

We are delighted to support the continued development of the Inaris Media Player within the A1 Group, as we strive to deliver exceptional user experiences across the region.

Image: A1 Slovenia