Inaris Media Player in A1 Austria Premium Xplore TV Product

The leading Austrian communication provider A1 offers their customers Xplore TV, a high-class TV product with live channels, 7-day catch-up TV, recording features, and video-on-demand (VoD) services. To access this content, A1 provides customers with an operator set-top box (STB) called TV-Mediabox. With the latest software update of the TV-Mediabox, A1 upgraded the included media player for all OTT streams with our Inaris Media Player for HLS. As a result, the users will experience faster playback start-up times, smooth trick modes and seek operations, clearer subtitle rendering, and higher playback robustness. Even after the launch, we are still monitoring and analysing the behaviour and performance of the player as part of our end-to-end integration approach.

We are delighted to see our partner A1 improving the user experience on the TV-Mediabox significantly and that we contributed to this outstanding product. Let’s look at our success story describing our journey together with A1.