New Multi-Feed Feature for the Ghana HD+ Decoder

The Ghana HD+ Decoder gives the Ghanaian people access to high-definition TV content on a rich featured set-top box. TARA Systems delivers the software for the HD+ Decoder, and we are happy to have contributed to the latest HD+ features that will become available soon.

The new STB software supports HD+ Multi-Feed services: On Multi-Feed enabled channels, the HD+ Decoder will offer to select alternative video and audio programmes. This feature is, for example, used for sports events when multiple competitions are running in parallel. When available, the user is informed of alternative programmes by an overlay on the right side of the screen. Selecting the desired feed is done by the colour keys on the remote control. Even though the HD+ Decoder is a non-connected STB, this feature brings an interactive feeling to the user.

Besides the new Multi-Feed feature, we also included a variety of other improvements in this release, including the HD+ Messaging feature that allows sending personalised messages to specific HD+ users. Have a look on our ongoing success story with Ghana HD+ here