A1’s TV Box Using Enhanced Content Protection for UHD with our Media Player   

Beyond the initial launch of our media player in the Xplore TV Box in October 2022, it was A1’s goal to be able to provide its customers with UHD content where studios require enhanced protection methods.

To achieve this, it is necessary to obtain Verimatrix Ultra certification to meet the requirements of the major content providers. This demands the use of the Sample-AES encryption scheme and HEVC video compression for efficient transmission of UHD content. Both, combined with the CMAF standard that uses the fMP4 container format, would elevate the OTT media playback function in the Xplore TV STB to a technically advanced level.

By the beginning of 2023, we implemented this approach in our media player and certified it with Verimatrix Ultra security. Now, A1 is able to provide its customers with an immersive UHD experience on demand and fulfill the security requirements.

In parallel to new developments, the advanced monitoring capabilities of our media player allows to quickly identify and resolve streaming errors. With our analytics platform, we can troubleshoot issues like interrupted playback in real time and find the root cause of it. This helps to ensure a seamless TV experience.

We are pleased that we could continue our collaboration with A1 and contribute to evolving their Xplore TV streaming service for enhanced content protection methods. With further ongoing enhancements and future developments, A1 is committed to providing its customers with an exceptional streaming experience, leveraging our expertise in media playback.

Image source: A1 Xplore TV Box, Star Wars, TARA Systems