Proven Quality

In the summer of 2011, conplement AG, a leading provider of consulting for software engineering and process optimization, assessed TARA's Software Development Process for one of TARA's key customers. The results of this assessment confirm TARA's strength as described on this page. Conplement emphasized especially the following facts:

  • TARA is based on a system of values initiated by the management, like responsibility, quality, and transparency, which constitute the basis for all software processes.
  • TARA implements a pragmatic, continuous improvement process.
  • TARA deploys a high level of automatisation, static code analysis and tool-based code generation.
  • TARA's automatic test systems and the corresponding metrics, e.g. trend analysis of code coverage, have reached a high degree of maturity.
  • TARA's framework of guidelines, processes, methods, and tools for embedded software engineering constitutes an enormous advantage compared to its competitors.
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