Inaris on Android TV

Consumers nowadays expect their media devices to offer a wide range of VOD services, apps and games. With Android TV many of the possibilities users know from their tablets and smartphones are also available on TV sets. With Google TV Services (GTVS), Google provides many important features like Google Play Store, YouTube and Voice Search. The classic TV experience is embedded in Android TV as a TV application which can be used with all the other applications to create a rich user experience.

How We Help

We provide all the components and support you need to realise a TV experience on Android TV devices – this includes well-known features like HbbTV, Subtitles and Teletext. As a company based in Munich, in the heart of Europe, we offer those open communication, solution orientation and flexibility you require for your product to become successful.

Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution

Inaris is integrated in the Android TV Input Framework (TIF), Google’s framework for TV functionality. We also provide a full featured DVB/IPTV Java API that can be used in combination with TIF.

Inaris Media Player

OTT is getting more and more important for features such as Replay TV and Network PVR. With our modular Inaris Media Player Solution we provide exactly the features you need to support these services. For hybrid products our DVB/IPTV solution can seamlessly be integrated with our Media Player.

Customer Services

Android TV is a complex framework. We support you to find the best way how your product can be realised with Android TV. We adapt and extend our software stack to fit your requirements. For many years we also have specialised in TV user interfaces.

System Overview

  • TV Application is an Android application that uses our OIPF for Android API in addition with Google’s TV Input Framework for TV functionality.
  • TV Input Framework (TIF) is part of Google’s Android TV SDK that can be used for TV functionality.
  • TV Input Service is implemented using the OIPF for Android API to provide TV features to Android TVs TV Input Framework.
  • Android Application Framework is Google’s standard application framework.
  • Android System Libraries are Android’s native libraries that are part of Android’s runtime environment.
  • Linux is Android’s Linux distribution.
  • Hardware is the device on which all SW components run. Our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution uses a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to support different hardware platforms.

LiveOn TV Application

LiveOn TV is our sample TV application for Android TV.

  • Starting point for development projects based on our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution on Android TV
  • Written in JAVA using the Android Leanback library and available in source code
  • Application source illustrates how to access the Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution via the OIPF for Android API

Why Work with Us?

Full access to strategic software

With us as a partner, you have access to all strategic DVB/IPTV software and OTT player components in source code and you can control the application development process.

We know the European TV market

As a Munich-based company, you have a local partner in Europe, who understands your needs and can respond to new requirements and changed priorities on short notice.

Reduce your time-to-market

We use our Inaris DVB/IPTV software components which are deployed in millions of CE devices also with Android TV. With us you will reach product launch quickly and safely.

What are the Benefits for Your Customers?

Everything works

Customers will be delighted with robust software. Daily automated tests are, of course, a matter for us.

The full variety of the Android world

Apps, media libraries, HbbTV applications, games, all seamlessly transferred to the linear TV world.

A brilliant user experience

Our expertise in embedded GUIs means even the most discerning smartphone users will be satisfied, and their confidence in your brand will grow.

Success Story: Quickline UHD Android TV Set-Top Box

Quickline provides a hybrid UHD Android TV STB with DVB-C, OTT streaming for time-shifted TV, Replay TV, Network PVR, VoD and radio services. TARA’s involvements include the playback of DVB and OTT services, the communication with the backend servers, the creation of microservices and more.

The Android robot logo has been reproduced or modified from a work created and shared by Google and is used for attribution under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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We would love to learn about your project plans and happily offer our services and skills to provide individual support during the whole development cycle.