HBB-NEXT - Next Generation Hybrid Media

The Description

HBB-NEXT was created to lay the foundations for advanced hybrid multi-user services by building upon existing standards (e.g. HbbTV) and by enhancing them.

The project sought to facilitate the convergence of the broadcast and Internet world by researching user-centred technologies for enriching the TV-viewing experience with social networking, multiple device access, group-tailored content recommendations, as well as the seamless mixing of broadcast content, of complementary Internet content and of user-generated content. Sophisticated technology has been developed for the easy use of the content, e.g. advanced synchronisation methods for service components delivered across the Internet and broadcast networks (inter-media synchronisation).

TARA Systems supported the realisation of new features and the creation of prototypes on an embedded platform.

The project was successfully completed in 2014.

Further Information

Platform: Broadcom
Programme: Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (created by the European Union)

TARA Components

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