Inaris Solution - Enabling HbbTV on German IPTV Networks

The Description

The open standard DVB-IPTV is used in the German IPTV networks – no matter which provider is used. Since the Bundeskartellamt in Germany decided, that the private broadcasters are disallowed to encrypt their SD services, there are many additional services accessible for free. For example, more than 60 unencrypted TV channels of German public and private broadcasters, including channels in HD quality, are available on the IPTV network of Deutsche Telekom (T-Home).

Since the common DVB features (Teletext, subtitling, EPG) are available within IPTV networks, it was obvious to enhance these with HbbTV. In a collaboration with the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), TARA Systems realized a prototype that shows HbbTV on the IPTV network of Deutsche Telekom. The prototype uses the TVolution STB Reference Application, which is based on the Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution. It has been realized on a Broadcom SoC, but can easily be ported to other platforms.

Presenting IPTV services up to HD quality (with reasonable channel switching time), the application also supports PVR functionality. Furthermore, the common DVB features, like Teletext, subtitling and EPG are integrated. For the handling of HbbTV services, the Inaris HbbTV solution is used.

As an additional feature, a browser-based EPG application has been integrated (see screenshot above). This EPG application allows previewing the currently selected IPTV service by navigating through the EPG grid, which includes multiple services.

The browser-based EPG application allows previewing the currently selected IPTV service.

Project: Prototype for DVB-IPTV incl. HbbTV in a T-Home Network (demo shown @ Medientage Munich 2013)
Platform: Broadcom

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